Drag the totem to move your tribe

The more folks you have the slower your tribes move

Give your minion an axe to cut down trees

Wood is a basic resource that you need for basic tools and campfires

Give your minion a bow to hunt animals

Looting animals will provide food for your tribe which you need to recruit new members and heal wounds.

Recruit new members

Pay food and get new tribe members (up to 6). Each time you get a new recruit all the prices go up. On top of that the more folks you have to slower your tribe moves.

Screen info

Survival is mainly about resource management. Remember that when your tribe grows so do prices.

Level up!

Killing animals and enemies will give you SCORE and EXP points. Eventually you are going to level up and get new lore that will aid your survival.

Let's fight!

Bring your minions closer to the enemy and the battle begins. The basic rule is that your ranged units will not be attacked as long as you have a melee unit to protect them. Ranged units have slower attack. After a victorious battle you can loot the corpses. The size of headdress on your totem shows your position among other tribes.

Heal the wounds by the campfire

To heal the wounds after the battle place a campfire and bring your tribe close to it.


Collect mushrooms to get extra food. Some of them are poisonous tho and they will take your minion's health.

Special buildings

There are special buildings on the map that will let you trade different resources.


Usually there is more than one way to get some resource.


The main source of gold is mining rocks. You need gold to buy better equipment.


Clouds are the real miracle of this world - they bring everything back to life.

Team up!

Team up with similar tribes to increase your chances for survival - fight together and share resources.


If you are looking for more detailed lore check out WIKI run by dedicated wanderers.io players.


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